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We are on a mission to make your Mondays fun days. Little ones love learning. And they learn best when they’re having fun. At ABC Monday, we focus on building the fundamentals through playful but purposeful approaches. We inspire little ones’ imaginations with engaging activities that tap into their natural curiosity, while building the skills they need to succeed. Each lesson is full of smiles, laughter, and the joy of learning something new. 

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ABC Learning They'll Love

Kids learn through imitation and repetition. Our lesson plans and worksheets are structured to incorporate previously learned topics and build on them as the kids progress. Repetition ensures the lessons stay fresh in their minds – increasing the likelihood of the kids retaining the lessons they have learned. The familiarity of previously learned material serves to encourage kids on their learning journey – after all, learning is fun when you understand the subject.

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What We Do

We create fun, colorful, ready-to-use learning resources for preschool and kindergarten-age children. Our worksheets and lesson plans are educational and engaging for children, parents, and teachers alike. We also offer ready-to-use educational materials in the form of activities, games, story books, songs, videos, and crafts. With many years of experience in the education sector, we have realized the importance and power of fun in education. Children are creative beings. Learning should be innovative to help children discover and learn through imagination, wonder, and curiosity. As a team full of child-like curiosity and imagination ourselves, we create customized learning materials that are interesting, thought-provoking, and levels appropriate for your child. Mondays should be fun days! Make them that way for your kids and yourself with our brilliant, ready-made learning materials for the week.

Loved By Parents. Adored By Kids.

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ABC Monday is a great learning tool. We know that kids are visual learners. However, I think that a lot of websites still haven’t paid attention to that. With ABC Monday, the pages are colorful, fun, and bright. Compared with other websites I’ve seen dull and not so attractive looking illustrations. I really love how ABC Monday caters to that and teachers as well as parents don’t need to struggle to get the children’s attention. ABC Monday is an exciting tool and definitely worth it!

— Sam R

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I have a little 6-year-old kid. I am in awe of how beneficial ABC Monday’s worksheets have been. The worksheets are drafted in a unique way so kids can understand and learn. The worksheets helped a lot in his cognitive and literacy development. My kid was able to learn and have fun at the same time and that’s what makes ABC Monday an ideal choice for me. It has been a great choice for me. And I would surely recommend it to all moms out there!

— Amy E.

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ABC Monday offers educational eBooks and resources that moms can use to help their children learn. The website has worksheets that are entertaining and educational and have colorful illustrations of animals that kids love. I love printing them out and putting them in a binder. I especially love the eBooks which are beautifully illustrated and fun to read! Overall, ABC Monday is a great resource for helping parents find educational yet fun content that their kids will love.

— Elizabeth K.

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