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Press Kit

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Press kit

My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World

E-book Overview




About the Author


Special Features


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Expert Testimonials


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E-book Overview

My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World


Seleena Yohannes

Release Date:





Initially on Amazon. Future distribution includes Apple Books, Kobo, and Nook.

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Discover a world where learning and storytelling merge in a captivating dance. "My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World" unveils a unique narrative filled with engaging clues, vibrant illustrations, and challenges that foster critical thinking. Journey through a tale designed to inspire, educate, and spark the young reader's curiosity.

Target Audience:

Children age 3-6, parents of children aged 3-6, teachers in early education, and institutions catering to preschoolers and kindergarteners.

About the Author
Seleena Yohannes

A multi-faceted talent with roots in film directing as well as radio and TV hosting, Seleena combines her varied experiences with a singular mission: To make learning an exhilarating journey for young minds. From crafting short film scripts to teaching after-school programs, her endeavors have always been underpinned by a commitment to quality education. "My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World" is a testament to this dedication, promising an immersive experience for its readers.

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Special Features
Vividly Crafted Illustrations:

Dive into a world of discovery. Immersive illustrations enhance learning.

Engaging Narrative:

A thought-Provoking tale that challenges as much as it entertains.

Interactive Comprehension:

Making reading a collaborative experience with the aim to facilitate parent-child conversations.

Learning Materials:

20 worksheets and a delightful board game that complement the eBook.

Animated Adaptations:

Animated video version of the story and an animated song celebrating friendship.

Resourceful Tutorials:

How-to video tutorials empower parents and educators, for optimal learning experience.

Promotional Activities

Visiting local preschools and kindergartens for reading sessions.

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Collaborating with local libraries and kid-friendly establishments.

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Podcast appearances, social media ads, and book reviews.

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Distributing flyers with links to a free eBook copy.

My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World is a delightful, beautifully illustrated children’s book enhanced by exceptional resources: guided discussion questions, videos, and well-developed worksheets. A must-have for fostering reading comprehension and critical thinking in young readers. Perfect for classrooms, libraries, and homes alike. My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World is a delightful children’s book that families will love to share. The book tells a short story about Sam and her best friend and dog, Ben. Sam and Ben love to spend time together and seem to have an inseparable bond. While the story is adorable, it is all the “extras” that really make this book amazing. First, the illustrations are beautiful! Sam and Ben are some of the cutest characters I have seen illustrated in a book. Second, the book provides two versions. The first is just a text of the story and sample questions that you can use to guide discussion with your children as you read the story. Asking questions and discussing stories with children is imperative to develop reading comprehension skills and critical thinking skills when it comes to literature. These are both things that many children are struggling with. Teaching these skills is one of the best things a parent can do to help their child succeed academically. Third, a QR code at the back of the book allows parents to access a variety of resources from videos to worksheets. These worksheets are so well-developed and just as cute as the book. They also teach valuable skills such as identifying shapes, counting, writing correctly, tracing, and more. It is such a wonderful addition to supplement the book. Other resources also include a video version of the story for children who might be audio learners as well as a companion song and tutorials on how to effectively and appropriately use this book. The video version of the book is also animated rather than just stills of the illustrations in the print book so it does a great job of capturing a child’s attention and engaging him or her in the story. As a parent and a teacher, I truly believe that this book would be a fabulous addition to any classroom or homeschool curriculum. Not only do the book and accompanying worksheets address many skills, but reading and working through it together with their child will help adults continue to build relationships with their children and foster a love for learning. Additional Notes To say I am impressed is an understatement. This project was incredibly thorough and well done. I have beta read children's books before with some accompanying worksheets but none that were as well thought out and well done as yours. I also really appreciate the accompanying videos. I also loved that you really put a lot of work into the videos. They are illustrated and the song is wonderful. Many times children's videos that go with a book are just stills of the book's illustrations so the animation was such a great touch. You are right to think that some parents will need this information. Those videos will make it incredibly accessible for families, especially those from low socioeconomic circumstances. I think newly homeschooling families will also find it incredibly helpful. As a high school teacher, I can attest to the fact that kids today are struggling with reading and critical thinking and I think so much of it has to do with the fact that families are so busy today that many kids are not being read to and worked with at home. Parents hand them devices and keep running with their busy lives. This definitely isn’t true for every family. Books like yours with the accompanying resources could really go a long way in developing those skills at home and providing academic support in literacy at home. I think you knocked it out of the park with this project and it would be a valuable resource in any classroom, library, or home. The writing was great. It seemed to be on level and I didn’t notice any punctuation or grammar errors. My absolute favorite thing about your book is the illustrations. They are adorable and the bright colors and happy characters will certainly appeal to children in a wide range of age groups. I don’t know who your illustrator is but I commend them on a fabulous job. I think you’ve done a great job with this. You clearly understand what children need to learn and some of the best ways to reach those children. I appreciate that you allowed me to read your book. It and all the accompanying resources were fantastic. I wish you the best of luck on your book publishing journey.

MBFWWW-Book Reviewers- Chelsea Burdick 1

Chelsea Burdick — Teacher/Mother of Five

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My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World is a vibrantly illustrated and educational journey featuring a preschool girl and her endearing puppy, Ben. Beyond the tale, the author offers animated versions, worksheets, and interactive activities, transforming a short story into a days-long imaginative adventure. My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World by Seleena Yohannes is an adorable and highly educational journey that is richer and more in-depth than expected. It is the story of a preschool aged girl and her cute puppy, Ben—so cute, in fact, that one can already see a plushie of him on store shelves. Written simply, but vibrantly illustrated, with a style reminiscent of watercolor paintings, this story is certainly appealing to the eye, becoming even more impressive once one learns of the animated version on the author’s website that assists visual and audible learners. It is clear that the author and illustrator took great care in crafting a memorable tale that is easily accessible to a wide variety of children. The puppy, Ben, draws even more attention than the young girl with his facial expressions and warm personality which leaps off the page, causing both young boys and girls to be engaged. The story is very short and ends before it begins. While this is excellent for short attention spans, readers looking for a bit more substance may find themselves disappointed. With that being said, for those searching for their child’s next book, “My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World” is highly recommended, if for no other reason than the worksheets that comes with the book, and the videos and extra material found on the author’s website. Containing board games, activities, writing assignments, counting, tracing, memory games, coloring and more are contained within, and what appears to be a shallow, short story soon becomes a lengthy, days-long adventure in which your child explores both the imaginative and real world with the little girl and Ben. The worksheets alone provide so much value that any child, even those of slightly higher grades will discover new opportunities to supplement their learning. This book, along with its vast wealth of additions are perfect for any young child’s education. -Julius St Clair, Bestselling Author of “The Last of the Sages” My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World is a delightful, beautifully illustrated children’s book enhanced by exceptional resources: guided discussion questions, videos, and well-developed worksheets. A must-have for fostering reading comprehension and critical thinking in young readers. Perfect for classrooms, libraries, and homes alike.

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Julius St Clair — Bestselling Author of “The Last of the Sages”

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Expert Testimonial

A new noteworthy addition to children’s literature. Crafted for preschoolers and kindergarteners, it subtly conveys themes of love and companionship. Perfectly engaging, with educational tools promoting a healthy attitude in children. A must-have for family bookshelves, classrooms, and libraries; destined to be cherished time and time again. A new noteworthy addition to children’s literature is the indie book My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World by Seleena Yohannes. This is an illustrated children’s story crafted for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. The book has a special dual format as it was specifically designed to stimulate the children’s reasoning skills. The first part contains only the story, followed by sample questions. In the second part, the story is accompanied by heart-warming illustrations to the utter delight of the young ones. The story unfolds as Sam, the endearing main character, introduces her treasured companion, Ben. Through charming and vibrant illustrations, children are transported into Sam’s world, a world filled with heartfelt moments. Moreover, it subtly conveys the deeper themes of love, and companionship, while emphasizing the importance of cherishing the special bonds we have with our pets. The story succeeds in delivering a message about the profound impact animal companions can have on young hearts. It has a perfect length to keep the children engaged, with details which are good conversation starters. Paying attention to details is something that should be instilled in children from a young age. Thus, the sample questions included encourage the parents and teachers to challenge the young ones’ attention and understanding of the text. This aims to help develop the children’s rational thinking at an early age. However, Seleena Yohannes took the project one step forward. At the end of the book, a QR code will take the parents to the author’s site where the children can delight in the animated story. To take things to a higher level, on the site there are also worksheets available provided by the author. They will give the parents and teachers the opportunity to teach the toddlers more than one concept at a time. Considering the value it brings to the market, My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World is an excellent choice for early childhood education, both at home and in the classroom. Parents and teachers alike will appreciate the educational value of this book and the additional tools created by the author to promote a healthy attitude in children. As a conclusion, My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World is a must-have addition to any family bookshelf, classroom, or library, where it will undoubtedly be cherished and revisited time and time again. Alice Creswell – Children’s Books Author

MBFWWW-Reviewer-Alice Creswell2 1.png

Alice Creswell — Author of Sparkles

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About ABC Monday

ABC Monday is where the magic of fun meets the joy of learning. We believe in the power of play to lay the foundation for life's essential skills, making every Monday a vibrant journey into imagination and discovery. With a colorful array of worksheets, eBooks, and multimedia resources, our curated lesson plans ignite natural curiosity while reinforcing previously learned topics. Drawing from years of expertise in early education, we've meticulously designed each offering to engage, enlighten, and entertain, ensuring that every child steps into a world where learning isn't just easy—it's exhilarating.

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